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Business Cards

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In this day and age- where everyone carries around a smart phone and has access to the Internet, you may wonder about the practicality of business cards.

These questions beg to be asked:

  • How important are business cards if you’re a student
  • How important are business cards if you’re unemployed?
  • Do you still need one if you’re a creative or not looking for a job?

The short answer is YES.

Every man needs a business card or a calling card.

You need a business card for the sole reason that it provides an easy way for other people to get in touch with you.

A business card is necessary for 4 reasons:

1.  Business cards give people the ability to follow up

• When you meet someone and develop that instant rapport you want to give them a chance to follow up with you instantly without having to reach for a pen or their phone.

2.  Business cards show that you are a professional 

 The littlest things we do send out the biggest messages. Something as simple as a business card is indicative that you took the time to actually put your information in a card. This immediately separates you from 99% of the other men out there who may be students like you or are out there seeking a job like yourself.

3.  Having a business card keeps one focused on the goal

• In situations where one is trying to look for work it is not unusual to participate in a few networking events. If you decide to go to events like these with a certain number of business cards on your person then you can immediately create a goal for yourself.

4.  Business cards can help make you referable 

• A good business card will not only contain one’s name and contact details. It should also mention what that person’s skills are.

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