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LiteSpeed is here!

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Gdiarra|Gdesign is boosting server speed yet again! We’ve decided to deploy Litespeed, a faster and more robust server technology to enhance performance across all our web hosting and reseller accounts.

So what exactly is LiteSpeed?

To make it simple, LiteSpeed is a web server application that was designed from the ground up specifically to provide a fast and better performance with little overhead for websites, especially under heavy load.

It all Started in 2002, LiteSpeed technology has made really astounding improvements to server efficiency. It’s very much compatible with our existing hosting configurations, making a switch relatively simple without the need to modify or configure anything. Awesome right?

And why is LiteSpeed better than our previous setup?

Before LiteSpeed, Gdiarra|Gdesign powered most of its web infrastructure on Apache, currently known as the world’s most popular web server application, powering over 60% of websites online. Apache is robust application that has withstood the test of time, but new technologies have since appeared providing superior performance.

The biggest difference between LiteSpeed Web Server and Apache comes down to architecture and the way that they handle connections,” notes LiteSpeed. “LSWS is event-driven and Apache is process-based.”

Gdiarra|Gdesign first deployed LiteSpeed on its production environment when developing our Managed CMS. When tested, the results were truly conclusive and substantially faster than any other acceleration methods. Along with its ability to handle more requests per second, LiteSpeed also managed to handle huge traffic without increase resource consumption, thus improving overall stability. Here’s an example of how a server’s load responded once they made the switch from Apache to LiteSpeed:

So what does this mean for our ccurent and future clients?

It simply means that our clients will get even more out of their servers as LiteSpeed increases efficiency Ex: (It will serve more client’s websites at the same time), performance (serves pages faster) and security (keeps your site running while it’s getting bombarded with requests).

And when will LiteSpeed be available?

We’ve begun rolling out LiteSpeed on some of our websites and we expect to complete a full deployment by the end of December 2018. Look for upcoming emails with more details about exact dates. LiteSpeed web server will be available as an optional addon for Cloud and Dedicated servers at that time as well.